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Assets can be exported as either MOTIVE (.motive) or CSV (.csv) files, and they can be re-imported into Motive when needed. Exported files are text-readable files that can contain various configuration settings in Motive; including the asset definitions.

When the asset definition(s) is exported, it stores marker arrangements calibrated in each asset, and they can be imported into different takes without creating a new one in Motive. Note that these files specifically store the spatial relationship of each marker, and therefore, only the identical marker arrangements will be recognized and defined with the imported asset.

To export the assets, go to Files tab → Export Assets to export all of the assets in the Live-mode or in the current TAK file. You can also use Files tab → Export Profile to export other software settings including the assets.


Important Update Note TRA/SKL files can still be imported into Motive, but they will be deprecated from the next release. This functionality will be replaced with the motive profile functionality. Starting from Motive 2.1, you can export just the Asset definitions into a Motive profile) and re-import them whenever necessary. In Motive 2.1, you will no longer be able to export out TRA/SKL files.

  • Exporting Assetsinto the User Profile.
  • Exporting user profile that includes assets. This dialogue window is from the Export Profile As... option.