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System Safety Instructions

Safety Information


Please adhere to the following safety instructions to prevent damaging your OptiTrack system and protect your investment.

Camera System

  • Do not use the system or any component in a hazardous environment where the cameras can be damaged (e.g. errant projectiles, heat, extreme humidity, etc).
  • Do not spill liquid onto any component of the system and avoid using the system in a highly humid environment where the equipment is prone to getting wet.
  • Cabling Avoid leaving the camera cables on the floor where there is a lot of foot traffic. Cables on the floor may cause a trip hazard. It’s best to run them across the wall or over the mounting structure so that they don’t run across the pathways. You could also tape down loose cables or use cable bridges to prevent this.
  • Operating temperature OptiTrack cameras normally run around 40~50 degrees celsius, and it could go up to 60 degrees when the system has been operating for a long period of time. The camera temperature can be monitored in Motive. If the temperature increases significantly above 60 degrees celsius, power down the cameras and contact us.
  • Do not use the cameras inside an enclosure where heat could get trapped. Proper ventilation is critical for maintaining camera temperature, and failing to do so may cause damage to the hardware.
  • Hot surface Cameras may become hot to the touch when operating for a long period of time. Be cautious when directly touching the cameras.
  • Camera mount Cameras can cause serious injury or damage if they were to fall and hit a person or object. Mount the cameras only onto a stable structure where it can bear the weight of the camera(s), and make sure all camera clamps and heads are completely tightened so that they do not slip off their mounting point.
  • Infrared light Avoid looking directly into the camera for a long time when an IR strobe is in operation. Prolonged direct exposure to light can be harmful to the eyes.

Passive Markers

  • Marker adhesives Use only appropriate skin adhesives when attaching markers onto the skin surface. Using other types of adhesives may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction.

Active Marker Components

  • Use OptiTrack provided batteries only. For powering the Active Tags and Active Pucks, use only the batteries provided by OptiTrack. Use of incompatible batteries can cause leakage and serious damage to the hardware, in addition to being a fire hazard. The service warranty will be voided if any damage occurs from using a battery that is not approved by the manufacturer.
  • Do not alter, puncture, or impact batteries or any of the related components as damage to these may lead to a fire hazard. Stop using the battery immediately if any signs of damage or swelling are found.
  • Do not expose batteries to a heat source, extreme temperature, or direct sunlight. Do not leave the battery exposed inside a vehicle. The temperature range must be between (4-49° C). Excessive heat can cause serious failure in the battery which can explode when overheated.
  • For recharging the battery, connect the battery to an Active Tag or Active Puck to connect it to an Active Tag and charge through the micro-USB port only. Using an incompatible charger to recharge the battery may cause the battery to fail.
  • Do not immerse the battery in water, and avoid putting active components near liquid or in a moist environment.
  • Do not touch the battery connector terminals with metal objects. Doing so could short circuit the battery resulting in heat/electrical discharge.
  • Do not store loose batteries together in one container. If terminals from both batteries touch each other, it can cause a short circuit.

Color Camera eStrobe

  • The eStrobe is an extremely powerful LED strobe, and as a result gets very hot during use. Heed the warning label and avoid directly touching the eStrobe after it has been operating for any amount of time.
  • Do not look directly into the eStrobe, as it could be damaging to the eyes.
  • Make sure the power strips or extension cords are able to handle the power requirements of the eStrobe. Using light-duty components could damage the cords or even the device if they cannot sufficiently handle the amount of power drawn by the eStrobes.