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Reference View pane

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The Reference View pane is used to monitor captured videos from the reference cameras. Up to two reference cameras can be monitored on each pane. This pane can be accessed under the View tabReference Overlay or simply by clicking on one of the reference view icons from the main toolbar (ToolBar ReferenceView 20.png).

Cameras can be set to a reference view from the Devices pane or by configuring video type to grayscale modes.

Assets Overlay

In this pane, cameras, markers, and trackable assets can be overlayed over the reference view. This is a good way of monitoring events during the capture. All of the assets and trajectory histories under the Perspective view pane can be overlayed on the reference videos from this pane.

Note: that the overlayed assets will not be rendered into exported reference videos.

ReferenceViewPane 111.png ReferenceViewPane2 111.png