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Properties: Skeleton

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Skeleton properties determine how skeleton assets are tracked and displayed in Motive.

To view related properties, select a skeleton asset in the Assets pane or in the 3D viewport, and the corresponding properties will be listed under the Properties pane. These properties can be modified both in Live and Edit mode. Default creation properties are listed under the Application Settings or the Skeleton pane.


Advanced Settings

The Properties: Skeleton contains advanced settings that are hidden by default. Access these settings by going to the menu on the top-right corner of the pane and clicking Show Advanced and all of the settings, including the advanced settings, will be listed under the pane.

The list of advanced settings can also be customized to show only the settings that are needed specifically for your capture application. To do so, go the pane menu and click Edit Advanced, and uncheck the settings that you wish to be listed in the pane by default. One all desired settings are unchecked, click Done Editing to apply the customized configurations.

ShowAdvancedSettings.png EditAdvancedSettings.png EditAdvancedSettings Done.png

Skeleton Properties

Properties of selected skeleton asset.

General Settings


Shows the name of selected skeleton asset.


Enables/disables visibility of the selected asset under the perspective viewport.

Skeleton Display Settings


Toggle between visible and hidden to change visibility of a newly created skeleton.


Toggle between visible and hidden to change visibility of skeleton segments from a newly created skeleton.

Segment Color

The skeleton segment color for a created skeleton.


Sets opacity of skeleton segments.


Show or hide skeleton bones.

Bone Color

Sets the color of bones when Bones are visible

Assigned Markers

Show or hide the expected marker locations for skeletons

Marker Color

Sets the color of expected marker locations

Show Target Marker Lines

Displays a line between actual markers and related expected marker locations.

Show Tracking Errors

Changes color of skeleton segments with errors.

Specular Color

Set the skeleton specular color for a newly created skeleton.

Specular Power

Sets the intensity of specular colors on a newly created skeleton.

Rim Light Intensity

Controls the strength of the glowing edge effect of the skeleton model.

Rim Light Start

Sets the starting range for skeleton rim lights.

Rim Light End

Sets the ending range for skeleton rim lights.

Rim Light Color

Sets the color for skeleton rim lights.


Show or hide an avatar for the skeleton.

Show Marker Label

Shows skeleton label for selected bone segments.

Show Segment Axes

Displays orientation axes of each segments in the skeleton.