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Motive Hotkeys

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Hotkeys can be customized from the Hotkey Editor pane under the Edit tab. Below chart lists Default Hotkeys that you can familiarize or customize for your own use. Also, there are multiple unassigned hotkeys, which are not included in the chart below. Look through the options in Hotkey editor and assign Hotkeys of your own control to speed up the workflow.

Motive Default Hotkey Settings
Fuction Default Hotkey
Open File (TTP, CAL, TAK, TRA, SKL) CTRL + O
Save Current Take CTRL + S
Save Current Take As CTRL + Shift + S
Export Tracking Data from current (or selected) TAKs CTRL + Shift + Alt + S
Toggle Between Live/Edit Mode ~
Record Start / Playback start Space Bar
Select All CTRL + A
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Calibrate Layout Ctrl+1
Create Layout Ctrl+2
Capture Layout Ctrl+3
Edit Layout Ctrl+4
Custom Layout [1...] Ctrl+[5...9], Shift[1...9]
Perspective View Pane (3D)
Follow Selected G
Zoom to Fit Selection F
Zoom to Fit All Shift + F
Reset Tracking Crtl+R
View/hide Tracked Rays "
View/hide Untracked Rays Shift + "
Jog Timeline Alt + Left Click
Create Rigid Body From Selected Ctrl+T
Refresh Skeleton Asset Ctrl + R with a skeleton asset selected
Enable/Disable Asset Editing T
Toggle Labeling Mode D
Select Mode Q
Translation Mode W
Rotation Mode E
Scale Mode R
Camera Preview (2D)
Video Modes
  • U: Grayscale Mode
  • I: MJPEG Mode
  • O: Object Mode
Data Management Pane
Remove or Delete Session Folders Delete
Remove Selected Take Delete
paste shots as empty take from clipboard Ctrl+V
Timeline / Graph View
Toggle Live/Edit Mode ~
Again+ +
Live Mode: Record Space
Edit Mode: Start/stop playback Space
Rewind (Jump to the first frame) Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow
PageTimeBackward (Ten Frames) Down Arrow
StepTimeBackward (One Frame) Left Arrow
StepTimeForward (One Frame) Right Arrow
PageTimeForward (Ten Frames) Up Arrow
FastForward (Jump to the last frame) Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow
To next gapped frames Z
To previous gapped frames Shift + Z
Graph View - Delete Selected Keys in 3D data Delete when frame range is selected
Show All Shift + F
Frame To Selected F
Zoom to Fit All Shift + F
Editing / Labeling Workflow
Apply smoothing to selected trajectory X
Apply cubic fit to the gapped trajectory C
Toggle Labeling Mode D
To next gapped frame Z
To previous gapped frame Shift + Z
Enable/Disable Asset Editing T
Select Mode Q
Translation Mode W
Rotation Mode E
Scale Mode R
Delete selected keys DELETE