Base Station LED Indicators

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Base Station LEDs

Note: Behavior of the LEDs on the base station is subject to be changed.

  • Communication Indicator LED: When the Base Station is successfully sending out the data and communicating with the active pucks, the LED closest to the antenna will blink in green. If this LED lights up in red, it indicates that the base station has failed to establish a connection with Motive.
  • Interference Indicator LED: The middle LED is an indicator for determining whether if there are other signal-traffics on the respective radio channel and PAN ID that might be interfering with the active components. This LED should stay dark in order for the active marker system to work properly. If it flashes in red, consider switching both the channel and PAN ID on all of the active components.
  • Power Indicator LED: The LED located at the corner indicates power for the base station. This LED may be disabled on Base stations with the latest firmware, but on older base stations, this LED may light up in red to indicate power.